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Xpress Group have been creating beautiful small and large format print and signage since 1991.

With the added bonus of both a commercially experienced studio and installation teams we can deliver your project from concept to completion.

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At Xpress we proudly support the UK’s leading creative + PR agencies. We also work with a multitude of smaller design and marketing specialists.

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How can we help?

Xpress indigo digital press upgrade

Xpress Indigo Press

Xpress indigo digital press upgrade

One of the most important advantages that digital printing offers is a greater affordability and a quicker response time for medium to short runs due to the minimal press setup and built in multi-colour registration.

This eliminates many of the upfront, costly and time consuming processes, without any compromise on quality.

With the recent purchase of an additional HP Indigo, Xpress Group are are perfectly suited for your short to medium runs, multi-page documents, and personalised print (also known as variable data printing – VDP).


Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing enables personalisation of individual prints providing personalisation and customisation unmatched in price and turnaround by other processes.

Buy using a database of variables VDP allows for changes to be made to text, images, charts, and other digital objects as the item is being printed. It creates personalised documents for individual customers and offers a degree of personalisation that increases response rate and relevance.

Used in conjunction with an integrated marketing campaign or simply as a means to personalise invites, event materials or brochures, it is no wonder presonalisation is a favourite tool to help increase customer engagement and increase ROI.


Advanced features

  • Compatible with over 2800 substrates
  • Print direct onto synthetics & special substrates – produce plastic cards and print direct to canvas.
  • Textured and raised effects – create embossed effects, textures and raised print.
  • Special inks – print white. Allows print on dark and translucent substrates.
  • Fluorescent inks – boost your colours or create glow-in-the-dark effects.
  • Security prints – Electro invisible red is only visible under UV light.



Xpress’ Indigo press is certified with the Intertek Green Leaf Mark. It offers vastly reduced production waste, energy efficient and carbon neutral manufacturing. The regenerated imaging oil (RIO) system allows the press to be self sustainable in imaging oil usage.

Our environmentally sensitive print process is one of the reasons Xpress were selected to design and print Gatwick Airports ‘Decade of Change’ environmental performance report.

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