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How can we help?

Using personalised print to increase customer engagement

Variable Data Printing

Using personalised print to increase customer engagement

Direct mail has long been an essential tool for brand building and promotions – a staggering 70% of people welcome mail that rewards their loyalty, with 48% of the UK population having responded to a direct mail piece they received in the past year.


Welcome mail that rewards their loyalty0%

Responded to a direct mail piece they received in the past year0%


Variable data printing (VDP), also known as personalisation, enables each printed item to be highly personalised and targeted to individuals – with increased response rate and relevance.


On average personalised direct mail campaigns are shown to out perform non-personalised campaigns between 3 to 10 times.


Personalisation can include (and is no means limited to): text, images, charts, logos, voucher codes, urls etc. The applications for personalalisation are virtually endless. Brochures, event materials, marketing communications and mail shots – it is no longer limited to just direct mail.


How can you use personalisation?

  • Use your customer or targeted prospect data to include names and/or company names.
  • Adding personalized URLs to measure response rates and capture data.
  • Promotional offers based on past purchases or customer profile.
  • Vary data based on your customers, age, gender, interests, location etc.


Examples of successful personalisation 

  • Event material, name badges, event packs, brochures
  • Invitations and delegate materials
  • Service renewal letters – e.g. car, home or pet insurance
  • product brochures – personalise name, gender, age or location.


Used in conjunction with an integrated marketing campaign or simply as a means to personalise invites, event materials or brochures, it is no wonder personalisation is a firm favourite with marketeers.

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