Xpress Group

Xpress Group have been creating beautiful small and large format print and signage since 1991.

With the added bonus of both a commercially experienced studio and installation teams we can deliver your project from concept to completion.

Looking for the right partner for your next project?

At Xpress we proudly support the UK’s leading creative + PR agencies. We also work with a multitude of smaller design and marketing specialists.

How can we help you?

How can we help?

Seasonal point-of-sale printing. Design, print and distribution.


Don’t let point-of-sale freak you out…

Seasonal POS made easy! We can take the horror out of your design, production and distribution.

Fast POS turnaround

Whether you’re a retailer with a single store or manage a number of regional/national locations, Xpress can assist you in fast turnaround point-of-sale.

We offer an on-demand service to meet your seasonal requirements – covering long and short runs and can even handle your distribution and installation needs.

25+ years experience creating & delivering powerful point-of-sale.

Trade accounts available.

Xpress produce

Leaflets, holders and dispensers
Window decals
Pop-up banners
Floor graphics
Experiential displays
Hanging displays
Illuminated displays
Shelf edges tickets
Pavement signs & A boards
Cafe barriers
Outdoor banners and flags

Halloween counter top cards
Halloween pop-up banner
Halloween window graphics
Halloween floor graphics

Need your Halloween point-of sale printed fast?
Who you gonna call?

Talk to Xpress 01293 616848 or simply message us using the form below.