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Xpress Group have been creating beautiful small and large format print and signage since 1991.

With the added bonus of both a commercially experienced studio and installation teams we can deliver your project from concept to completion.

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At Xpress we proudly support the UK’s leading creative + PR agencies. We also work with a multitude of smaller design and marketing specialists.

How can we help you?

How can we help?

We are experts in design,
production and implementation

of wayfinding systems.

A wayfinding partner – not supplier

With an understanding of the science of wayfinding, we develop and design a system to orient people as well as guide them to their desired destination – whilst enabling them to feel comfortable and confident they’re heading in the right direction.

From initial site survey right through to installation and ongoing wayfinding management, we take care of it all.

Wayfinding systems

Improving customer journeys at Europe’s biggest airport

Heathrow is Europe’s biggest airport with 75.6 million passengers per year. Ensuring their customers can find their way around is a big task and one we’ve managed successfully for over 5 years with an effective wayfinding system.

In addition to the passenger wayfinding system, we have assisted Heathrow to overcome many other challenges, from reducing speeding around the airport perimeter to assisting the team at Heathrow Express to create a branded concession within a previously unused part of the terminal.

“Xpress understand how our operation works and the impact for us getting it wrong.   They’re really good at challenging our ideas and helping us come up with better solutions.”  Operations Manager, Heathrow Airport

Outdoor Wayfinding

Visibility is a key requirement of wayfinding design, but very often a need to blend with the environment is also a consideration.  It’s this careful balance of both, that Xpress Group can achieve with your wayfinding solution.

wayfinding signs airport

Wayfinding to enhance customer experience:

We design wayfinding to turn the customer experience into something truly special. Wayfinding directs people to where they need to go, minimizing any frustrations along the way. It’s a tool, a cog in the customer experience wheel that helps deliver a seamless and cohesive customer journey.

We will:

  • Identify visitor types and their journeys
  • Create well-structured paths
  • Pinpoint key decision locations for signage
  • Create clear and minimal messaging
  • Apply striking design

Brand immersion

With additional design and print services, Xpress Group will put your brand at the heart of everything you do. We produced around 20 graphics and external directional signage on for Prater – as part of a bigger re-brand.

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