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How can we help you?

How can we help?

Crawley Open House Charity Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Charity Donation

The team from Xpress Group donated and delivered 500 Christmas cards this morning to help raise funds for Crawley Open House.

Crawley open House Christmas cards

Cards are available to buy at £5 for a pack of 12.
Available direct
from Crawley Open House in Three Bridges (10am until 4pm weekdays).

The charity provides support and services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion. Their support is available to anyone in need.

With the recent series of cold snaps and winter now with us, support for this worthwhile charity is so important. As well as selling these Christmas cards, open house also runs Operation Santa.

Back in 2004, radio mercury started a campaign live on-air to support Crawley Open House provide a 3-course Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for those suffering the effects of homelessness and social exclusion.

This is now in its 17th year and runs alongside other ways you and your business can raise funds.

You can support the homeless this Christmas by donating money by your mobile phone too! You can donate any amount, text OPSANTA to 70085 to donate £10 or any amount you like.

For example.

  • To donate £5 – text OPSANTA 5 to 70085
  • To donate £2 – text OPSANTA 2 to 70085
  • To donate £1 – text OPSANTA 1 to 70085

Operation Santa.
Let’s make it a happy Christmas for everyone.